Enginar Tasfahuun Camadaa mana Hidhaa keessatti ajjeefame; reeffa isaa argachuuf maatiin kadhachaa jira.

BREAKING NEWS(Oromedia, 24 Hagayya 2013) Manni hidhaa Qaallittii fi Hospitaalli Minilik reeffa ilmaan Oromoo waggaa waggaan oomishuu isaanii itti fufanii jiru.

pic-010-new2Oduun Finfinnee keessaa nu dhaqqabe akka hubachiisutti, mootummaan Wayyaanee hidhamaa harka isaa jiru ajjeessee hospitaala Minilikitti darbuun reeffa illee akka hin arganneef maatii mankaraarsaa jiran.

Akka oduun arganne ibsutti guyyaa har’aa Hospitaalli Miniliki  reeffa gooticha Oromoo, Enginara Tasfahuun Camadaa,  maatiitti dabarsee kennuu diduun imimmaan ilmaan Oromoo akka dachaa dachaan dhangala’u taasisee jira.

Yeroo ammaa kanatti illee Oromoon hedduun reeffa Tasfahuun fudhachuuf Hospitaal miniliik fuulduratti walgahan illee haga ammaatti reeffi hin kennamiifiin akka jiru beekamee jira.

Akka oduu nu dhaqqabe kanaatti Tasfahuun kan ajjeefame Jimaata darbe galgala yookaan halkan, 23/08/2013, yoo ta’u, ganama isaa reeffi isaa gara Hospitaala Minilikitti darbame.

MaatiinTasfahuun garuu Roobii darbe,  21/08/2013 dhaqanii ijaan arganii jiran. Yeroo sanatti wal’aansa dhabee rakkachaa akka jiru ibsatee akka ture kan ibsan firoottan isaa, haalli yeroo sanaa garuu kan du’aaf isa ga’u akka hin turre shakkii tokko malee dubbatu.

Kana duras wal’aansa dhabee akka iyyachaa ture kan yaadachiisan kanneen Tasfahuun fa’aa waliin mana hidhaa keessa turan akka ibsanitti,   Tasfahuun wagga lamaaf nama irraa adda bahee qobaatti hidhamuun hiraarfamaa akka ture dabalanii addeessanii jiru. Yeroo sanattis mana murtiitti otuu hin hafiin iyyatee deebii kan kennuuf dhabamuu isaa  illee hiroyyooti isaa ragaa bahu.

OromoPersecution2010_3Haata’uutii, Sambata kaleessaa obboleettiin isaa yeroo isa gaafachuuf Qaallittii deemtetti, guyyaa guutuu otuu itti hin himiin erga achi ishii oolchanii booda ‘hospitaala deemee jira, achi dhaqii gaafadhu,’ akka ittiin jedhan namooti ijaan argan nuuf ibsanii jiru.

Yeroo odeeffannoo kana walitti qindeessaa jirru keessatti ergaan karaa marsaa walqunnamtii nu dhaaqqabe akka ibsutti, Oromoon yeroo lubbuun jirus yeroo du’us gidiraa walfakkaataan akka irra gahu kan ibsuu dha.

“Nama jiraatti dhabne, du’aa isaa ill argachuuf hin milkoofne,” kan jedhe, namni maqaa isaa ibsachuu hin feene tokko, “reeffa nama keenyaa argachuufis qabalee irraa hayyama argachuun dirqama nutti ta’ee jira,” jechuun gidiraan ilmaan Oromoo irra gahaa jiru saaxilee jira.

Tasfahuun Camadaa fi Masfin Abbabaa bara 2007 biyya Keenyaa keessaa qabamanii gara Itoophiyaatti erga geeffamanii booda hidhaa fi hiraarsaa olaanaa keessa turuun isaanii kan yaadatamuu dha.

Hiraarsaa bara dheeraa booda bara 2008 himannaan sobaa itti banameen murtiin hidhaa umurii guutuu itti darbee akka jiru illee kan beekamuu dha.

Tasfahuun erga murtiin umurii guutii irratti darbee boodas akka maatii isaa waliin wal hin argine, akka wal’aansa fayyaa hin arganne, akka qobaatti hidhamu godhamee akka ture kanneen itti dhiyeenyaan dhimma isaa hordofan nuuf ibsanii jiru.

Mootummaan Wayyaanee kanaan duras bara 2005 fi bara 2006 keessa barattoota Oromoo kan akka Alamaayyoo Garbaa, Gaaddisaa Hirphasaa  fi sabboontota Oromoo hedduu mana hidhaa keessatti ajjeessuun yakka olaanaa Oromoota irratti raawwachuun kan beekamuudha.

3 thoughts on “Enginar Tasfahuun Camadaa mana Hidhaa keessatti ajjeefame; reeffa isaa argachuuf maatiin kadhachaa jira.

  1. A Call for Oromumma at this Juncture of Condolence
    The death of our hero Engineer Tesfahun Chamada is sorrowful for Oromo people, but it revealed again the extent of brutality of TPLF regime. The attitudes of all Abyssinian regimes on Oromo people are the same whether they are ‘assigned by God’, ‘Ethiopia first’ or ‘Democratic’. I would like to remind you that Aklilu Habtewold, the then prime minister of Hailesellase, told the veteran Oromo General Tadesse Biru(mistakenly thinking that he was Amhara) that they need to lead the Oromo a century behind by depriving them even basic literacy knowledge. The woyanes, however, are forced to open schools as a result of determined global funds and influences like Millenium development goal (MDG) and other internationally funded commitments even though they work hard in deteriorating quality of education in Oromia on purpose. Therefore, they can only block the wave of Oromo resistance by eliminating the few fine screened educated young Oromos at downstream points, unlike the policy of Haileselase ‘deprivation at the source’. That is why they instigate, conduct surveillances, target aware ones, massively imprison, torture, and force them to immigrate or kill Oromo students from high schools through Universities during the last twenty years. They know the consequences of all the atrocities they have been committing and that enlightened and united Oromo is formidable force.
    The mere fabrication by TPLF regime as if Engineer Tesfahun ‘committed suicide’ is out of question. I know his dedication, determination and that he is always looking ahead under difficult situations, I have no doubt on this point. The first point I would ask the Ethiopian security forces and authorities of the prison why they kept him alone in his cell. Because, nobody can commit suicide where there is another prisoner with him. From this, it is evident that he was imprisoned alone to facilitate for his torture for the last two years. He had been appealing to the court and all concerned bodies, but to no avail. The second point is that how far is it possible to commit suicide in the prison? How did he conduct suicide, from rope, poisoned, electric shock or in what form? Is there any symptom to prove this, on his corps? Did any independent body check the autopsy? I, hereby, appeal to Human rights watch, Amnesty international and all other concerned bodies to conduct investigation as this is the worst of all human rights violations.
    From Oromo point of view, atrocities being conducted against Oromo nation makes us attentively observe our status. Our hard got university students are being instigated and massively imprisoned, killed, tortured and so on-on purpose to avoid Oromo leadership of the future. The other arena of TPLF instigation of conflicts is by armed militia from our neighboring nations like the recent massive occupation by Ogaden Liyu police in eastern Oromia, similar situations in Western Oromia on boarder with Benishangul Gumuz, the situation in Moyale and much more are worth mentioning, where Oromo on the other hand is disarmed. Oromo peasants around Finfine are still being evacuated from their lands where the TPLF affiliated groups possess and become rich overnight selling Oromo land. Land grabbing has also been scaled up to international companies occupying tremendous quantity of hectares from our parents. They are ruthlessly exploiting the resources of Oromia all roundedly. Can we have Oromia to transfer to the next generation? Generally, they are in the process of eliminating not only Oromo and Oromia but also Oromumma. Whether we like it or not it knocks all Oromo doors directly or indirectly. Every Oromo cannot wait until it comes to his personal door step. The death of our beloved martyr is a ringing bell to raise his legacy to save Oromia and Oromumma.
    I believe those lenient Oromos should learn from such and all previous practical lessons and join their people’s struggle for freedom. It is not time to wait from somebody else, it is our national issue. History tells us Oromo united had never been defeated, and will never be defeated. Oromo had been in peace and pacified the horn of Africa before conquest by Menelik for thousands of years unified under Gada democratic rule. The weakening of Gada is the sole reason for the breaking of Oromo nation. Now it is time to organize all our resources and focus on all moves of the enemy. Oromo political entities shall beware that for minor differences they are serving the purpose of the enemy. You need to be accountable to the Oromo people. I advise all concerned Oromos to form all Oromo national assembly (at least the Diaspora) guide the further development of Oromumma and check accountability of parties to the people so that further sufferings of Oromo people would come to an end.
    I would also like every Oromo individual to evaluate his status as an Oromo-for-Oromumma. Let’s stop talking about minor differences among political parties and lets evaluate ourselves; what am I doing as an Oromo for our being, because a nation is a sum of the values of each individual entity under a certain system? Every Oromo has something to contribute to Oromumma. The more Oromumma develops, the higher the Oromo unity bond and the easiest for Oromo struggle in general. If you recall our recently adopted brother Lammi, an African American (the new Malcom X) quoted Dr Martin Luther king’s the three dimensions of struggle. This is in line to increment to the height dimension of Oromo struggle. We need to understand that we are much higher than the level the successive Abyssinian rulers buried us for the last 120 years.
    Besides our daily strife for bread, wherever we are, we can simply update ourselves on Oromo issue from Oromo media, we can also blog, provide different information to Oromo media, we can speak out our real history to foreigners and international media so that more Oromo friends can be recruited. We can get many friends from everyday life and harness the relationship for our purpose; we can go further to inviting government officials and link our issues through advocating their interests-like a lobby group. This is related to the width dimension of Oromo struggle.
    Those who can teach Afaan Oromo can upload Oromo teaching materials where children in Diaspora and foreigners can understand Afan Oromo. Let all Oromo professionals in Ethiopia and in Diaspora unite to get updated information from within Ethiopia and abroad that is related to either atrocities by the enemy or any information related to our cause. Let those who have access to manuscripts post on the internet and let’s translate into Afan Oromo and even into Amharic and vise versa, let the wider world understand our realities from different corners. We need to be our Ambassadors and media by ourselves. Let’s follow the courageous way, our hopes, Jawar Mohammed and Mohammed Ademo started in advertising our cause. Assume if every Oromo contributed, in any way, what these brilliant and gallant young activists are doing, imagine how far we could have gone. It is the sum of all seemingly minimal contributions that would be the pride to all of us. If we can dedicate at least 30 minutes to Oromumma every day, destination to freedom will not be far.
    Just cause like that of Oromo struggle is protracted and never stops until such a historical massive nation is liberated. We need to reshape our strategical thinking, we should not expect bilisumma over night or a onetime effort. Rather we need to deeply understand it is protracted act of each and every Oromo past, now and forthcoming. We need to keep it going under every difficult situation whether we see it ourselves or the future generation makes it true. Yes we can, and it will come true with our protracted efforts.
    Let all of us who are determined to do something tangible for Oromumma promise to nobody else but ourselves; and ask ourselves daily ‘what did I do for Oromumma today’? Oromo promises with ‘bones’ of friends. Lafee wareegamtoota akka Injiner Tasfaahunii fi kan duraan wareegaman, har’a ille kan carraa wal fakkaatuun dararamaa jiraniin waadaa waliif galla. It is only this way that we will revenge the barbaric injustice upon our martyrs like Engineer Tesfahun Chemeda.

  2. Yaamicha nuti miseensonni ABO fi Miseensotni WBO-Godina Kibba Bahaa Miseensota ABO-fi Sab-Boontota Oromoof dhiheesinerrati yaada Gantuun sabaa kan Lencho ofiin jedhu barreese waan argineef deebii gabaabduu kana kennuufiif dirqamne.
    Gantuu garaa ofii guuttachuu qofaaf waanuma itti dhufe haasawuun qixxaanee deebii kennuufiinuu nuuf akka oromooti qaanyii tahuus wanni yoo sammuu qabaatte sitti himuu feenu-gaafa durii waa cufti dubbatu san jaldeesi beelawee jireenya barbaaddachuuf akkuma bobba’een mudhugurree akkaan malee bilchaate argatee hundinuu harka guutatee nyaatuu eegallaan mudhurreen na qaqqabdee bishaan qabdaa?jetteen jedhama.Ilmaan oromoo qabsoo saba isaaniif bahanii fi meeshaa wareega dhiiga ilmaan oromoo dhibbootaan lakkaawwamu qochumaa kee guuttachuuf fuutee diinattiin galuunuu yakka dhiifama hin qabne kan oolee buluus sabni oromoo fi WBOn itti si gaafatuuf taa’uu tahuun si gayuu afnaan erga ABO fi Qabsoo saba oromoon qoosuu dhiisuu didde waluu ilaallaa itti jabaadhu gochaa farrummaa keetii.ABO fi Ummatni oromoo ati qoosuunii barbaadu osoo ati eenyummaa keetuu of-hin beekin lubbuu jijjiirraa hin qabne diina ofii dura dhaabatuun wareega godhudhaan eenyummaa saba oromoofi biyya isaa oromiyaa tahuu isii akka firaafi diinattiis beeksisan si dhiisii diini ati ar’a qochumaa irraa guuttachuuf gala gugguuftu sunuu si olitti beekaa guyyaan ati dhugaa kana argitu fagoo hin taatu.
    Miseensota WBO-Godina Kibba Bahaa Irraa.

  3. Gottako seenaan yoomiyu sin-daggattu.
    Gaddakoo akkan itti sif-ibsun walala.
    Wayyo manni kee sitti ya ho’u JAJABE koo

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